Blackjack rules

Players of blackjack aim to get 21 as their total hand value. A game of blackjack may include other players, and always the dealer. It is the dealer that you need to beat in order to win. This means that the value of a player’s hand is compared with the value in hand of the dealer. Here is a basic blackjack guide to help you make the right moves. For more detailed info visit

  1. The dealer will give each player two cards.
  2. Begin by making your bet, deciding how much money you will bet on blackjack. Then, click on the “Deal” option.
  3. Decision time – players must choose whether to Hit, Double Down, Stand or Split.

What do these terms mean?

“Hitting” is being dealt an additional card hoping it will bring the total value in hand closer to 21. Should the added card take the value over 21, then you lose the bet.

“Splitting” is an option when you have two cards of the same exact value. You can choose to make two hands out of one and play them separately.

“Standing” is deciding that no more cards will be drawn. This decision can be made if you a player is confident that their value in hand will be more than the dealer.

“Doubling Down” means that you are choosing to double your original bet and get one more card. This could be a great choice if your two cards are worth a maximum of 10.

Easy Blackjack Rules for the Win

When a player gets a blackjack, typically, the dealer will pay up three to two. If a player beats the dealer by having a higher total, then the dealer will pay a matching amount of the bet. However, when one’s total is lower than the dealer, then the bet is lost. Nothing happens if the dealer and the player both get a blackjack.

A blackjack rules chart is essential for online gamers playing blackjack. When playing online, it becomes increasingly difficult for one to mathematically play the best game possible, which can be done with counting cards in a traditional casino.

The card values are key to understanding how to play 21 blackjack. To begin with, all the number cards have the score value that is indicated on them, 2-10. Then, the King, Queen, and Jack valued at ten each. Finally, there is the Ace card, valued at eleven or one. The Ace is possibly the most coveted of all the cards in the deck as it can help you reach a win fast and gives you a “second chance” in case you bust.

One quick tip when learning how to play blackjack that can take you a long way is to always split your A’s and 8’s. This can normally be done once in each game and is a trick that can change a losing hand to a winning one.

When exploring how to play casino blackjack with experienced players, you will have heard of hard or soft in the course of the game. What does hard and soft mean in blackjack? According to official blackjack rules, a hard hand means any combination of cards without an Ace. In contrast, a soft hand means that you have at least one Ace in your hand.

Just like the players have blackjack betting rules, there are blackjack dealer rules. The dealers must shuffle the decks and if playing with more than two players, also use more than two decks. Cards are always dealt face down, and the player on the left is dealt to first. Once the first round is complete, and the dealer has their card last, then they deal another card to each of the players, ensuring that they are up facing.

When playing blackjack at home, decide whether you want to play for free or real money. Practice makes perfect, especially with this game that helps you build up your skill. As you play for free, some of the computer versions of the game will show you warnings when your play is below standards.

Once you have built your skills, then you will figure out how to wager in the right way. This means understanding when to increase your bet or reduce it accordingly.

How to win at blackjack

There are three basic ways to win a round in blackjack. The most straightforward is when your first two cards are worth 21. For example, you have a blackjack if you are holding a King worth 10 and an Ace worth 11. This is true as long as there is no dealer blackjack. Another key to winning blackjack is to have a final value that is as close to 21 as possible, as long as this value is higher than that of the dealer. One more way, if the dealer draws cards that are higher than the value of 21.

You may want to know, is it possible to consistently win at blackjack? Theoretically, yes, though there are several footnotes to this claim. First of all, it involves counting cards or other shady tricks and playing in a real casino. When it comes to online blackjack – the best thing you can do is follow the optimal strategy, thus reducing the house edge to the minimum.

Wondering how to win at blackjack without counting cards? Strategies include ace sequencing, hole carding, edge sorting to name a few. For example, ace sequencing calls for drawing on your memory of cards within the discard pile, specifically, those on top of the ace. Your hope is you make a bet based on being dealt the ace.

If you want to learn how to win online blackjack you should try out different types of games. Learning how to win at video blackjack requires you to be systematic. Over time, you will figure out when the best time to double down and win.


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